India to be key market in international roaming charges battle

WorldSIM calculates 4-day Indian trip would cost £1,280 in roaming

affordable data roaming is a must - reza

A recent report entitled ‘CFO Innovation Asia’ (commissioned by Concur Technologies) has found that India has emerged as the world’s 10th-largest business travel market. However, travellers can expect to face international roaming bills of £320 per day when travelling to India1. Travellers can face data rates as high as £8 per megabyte. Thus, India ia emerging as key market in battle over international roaming charges amongst the key discount roaming specialists – such as Uros, Top Connect (Travelsim), and WorldSIM.

Now WorldSIM has worked out that if the average business traveller uses 25MB of data; 60 minutes of inbound calls of calls; 15 minutes of outbound calls; and 15 SMS/text messages per day, then the roaming cost on a typical four-day business trip to India could cost an eye-watering £1,280 in roaming costs alone.

However, it says that the same amount of usage in India with a WorldSIM Roaming SIM card would be only £43.45 per day.

With the recent launch of its Pocket WiFi product, WorldSIM are able to reduce data roaming costs by as much as 85 per cent while connecting up to 10 different devices.

“It’s not realistic for business travellers to rely on slow Wi-fi, or worse, have no data connection at all,” Arif Reza, WorldSIM CEO, argued.

“In order to remain productive while travelling – reliable and affordable data roaming is a must.”

Reza continued, “Wi-fi isn’t always available – or reliable so it’s essential the businesses have a backup solution so they don’t have to foot the bill for thousands in unplanned roaming costs.”

The problem isn’t going to go away. According to research carried out by Wandera, Brits will incur roaming costs of  £500 million over Summer 2014.

Out of that figure £170 million will be shouldered by businesses paying for corporate data usage, with the rest being paid for by consumers.

The study also shows that employees use twice as much roaming data in the summer months (June, July and August) than any other three month period during the year.

Furthermore, based on information from the Wi-fi Cost Index compiled by iPass, European companies are spending in excess of £2.4 billion a year in unmanaged connectivity costs.

So now is the time for both the roaming specialists to promote their solution and the business traveller to thoroughly research roaming costs.


1. Based on rates from one of the UK’s leadiing mobile network operators [MNO].

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