Indian N73 users still desperate for whatsApp

You’re not alone – so are Samsung bada owners

Recently, GoMo News reader, Pandurang Ghuge, asked us … “I want to know is why isn’t the developer of Whatsapp trying to develop the compatible software for running on an N73 device? And will any solution be found for this?” Short answer – No. He should have read our ‘Nokia N73 updates & WhatsApp help page‘. Despite numerous requests for the N73 to be supported, WhatsApp still hasn’t produced a version that will run on that old Nokia handset. If you don’t believe us go here on the WhatsApp support page. If it’s any consolation, you guys aren’t alone. Bada fanbois are begging for WhatsApp, too.

As we have stated frequently before, the app actually requires the Nokia S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 which isn’t available for the N73.

This is also most certainly why so many GoMo News readers are so desperate to update the N73′s mobile OS.

Those with Samsung Wave handsets running the bada OS have also been pushing for WhatsApp to develop a version of its IM [Instant Messaging] app to run on bada. To no avail.

You’ve got to hand it to those bada fanbois, they tried really hard. They even held a WhatsApp for Bada Day on February 28th. See the Samsung bada apps fan site for more details here.

Plus they tried to mount a Twitter campaign using the hashtag – #whatsappforbada. Well, we’ve checked and there certainly isn’t a bada version out yet.

Following the news that Samsung is removing specific support for bada from its Samsung Galaxy App store here,  at GoMo Towers, we have a feeling that Samsung is trying to quietly drop the OS.

So there’s going to be even less of a chance of a bada version of WhatsApp in the future.

Back to the Nokia N73 again, if you can’t run WhatsApp on it, what can you use instead?

Well, GoMo News would recommend that you download an use WeChat instead.

We’ve done so and WeChat works! There’s also the possibility of using Nimbuzz instead, too. Check out the Nokia Ovi app store and set your chosen device to N73 to see.

Finally, quite a while back GoMo News reported on the fact that Bruce Molyneux, a freelance app designer, was trying to produce a version of WhatsApp that ran on the N73.

Well, sadly it’s no longer listed on his web site. So it obviously never quite happened.

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