Indian Ocean island & MH370 puzzle deepens

If Cpt Zaharie Shah practiced landing on it, does it have cellular coverage?

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 only deepens after ‘leaked’ reports of the conclusions jumped to by the Malaysian police authorities. Who appear to be pointing the finger at the plan’s captain – Zaharie Shah. They found his sophisticated flight simulator setup at this home and are now adamant that he “rehearsed a landing on an island with a short runway” and that the island in question was definitely in the Southern Indian Ocean. So which island are we talkingabout and does it have a cellular network?

The Malaysian police openly admit that there were a number of simulations on Captain Shah’s simulator that had been deleted but they have managed to recover these deleted files.

And one of the deleted simulations in their view is flying into the Southern Indian Ocean.

Well, GoMo News would contened that if they are positive this deleted practice flight was in the Souther Indian Ocean, then the name of the island he practised landing on must be available as well.

In which case, does this island have a mobile (cellular) network? If it has, that would explain why mobile phones onboard that flight were ringing for days after the disappearance.

If that island’s MNO [Mobile Network Operator] has no records of any handset known to be onboard flight MH370 trying to register with it, then obviously the plane didn’t crash on the island.

Is it just us, or has the existence of any island in the Southern Indian Ocean which MH370 could have reached been covered up?

Why are the Australians searching the ocean floor if Cpt Shah was aware of islands on which you could at least attempt to land a plane?

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One Response to Indian Ocean island & MH370 puzzle deepens

  1. Paul says:

    Have you investigated Diego Garcia? More central but at the outer limits of the planes range. The US deny this ofcourse and it would explain the coverup. it also has mobile access and staff put on leave for 2 days at the time according to other sources. The question is why? investigate the people on the flight and who they worked for and you will find at least 20 people associated with military technology.

    interesting that there is an island but it has no name…

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