Industry veteran Lindholm joins 5-TILES

Aims to help company provide the new standard for mobile keyboards

most powerful one-handed keyboard - lindholm

It seems that veteran mobile industry member, Christian Lindholm ,has decided to act as an investor and advisor to award-winning startup 5-TILES. The aim is to help 5-TILES become the leading choice of keyboard for any mobile device or wearable product. Lindholm previously held positions at Nokia, Fjord, and Yahoo Mobile.  He is probably best known as the inventor of the Navi key, the user interface that was featured on many early Nokia phones. So who better to promote a keyboard designed specifically for mobile which has just five keys and takes up significantly less (70 per cent) space on a handset’s screen. Once you’ve learned to use 5-TILES, you can apparently reach typing speeds you’d expect from a full size keyboard.

Lindholm’s  Navi key for Nokia proved so popular that it’s been estimated that  seven per cent of the human population used his invention to make their first mobile calls.

He has held roles as Chief Innovation Officer with Fjord (acquired by Accenture in May 2013) and was previously head of Yahoo’s mobile product team. Lindholm is currently the CEO of Koru, a wearables’ OS company based in Finland.

“5-TILES is a bold idea, and is the most powerful one-handed touch keyboard I have seen,” Lindholm commented.

He continued, “They [5-TILES] have a great team of inventors and innovators and I can see they have the elements needed to succeed, including, the willingness to push forward, transform, simplify and perfect.”

Passionate about the transformative power of mobile devices and wearables, Lindholm’s interest in 5-TILES is part of his vision for ‘Intimate Computing’ – a radical new approach to text entry systems.

The 5-TILES alternative touch-screen keyboard is built for Android and available on Google Play.  There is a free Lite version of the keyboard here and the full thing is available here.

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