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Kero Mobile

One of the Facebook groups I joined was called Kero Mobile. As a typical Facebook user, I joined because I knew the owner Alessandro Paco, but I didn’t actually use the group.

But as my emails from the group got more intense; announcing news deals; different types of content and compatibility with top mobile device; I decided to take a look.

Unfortunately, I didn’t quite understand if Kero Mobile was an application or a group so I called Alessandro Paco.

Bena: Hi. I am sorry if this is a stupid question, but can you tell me what the essence of Kero Mobile is?

AP: Imagine you can try all content on demand.

Bena: What do you mean, like “try before you buy?”

AP: Yes.

Bena: So you are in mobile content?

AP: We have a mobile application store that allows users to download services on demand via our platform.

Bena: So a pure mobile app store with several additional features.

AP: Yes. We are still a new business but we have a wealth of experience in mobile development and we aim to make something with a sleek user experience.

Bena: Super. I finally get it! It sounds very interesting. Are you taking on Getjar?

AP: We are a pure mobile for mobile solution.

Bena: Next time we meet can we do a demo? Or I will see if my Nokia is supported, but I use my iPhone 99% of the time now.

AP: Sure

Bena: I wish you luck and please let me know of any updates and how you grow or expand and develop!

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GoMo News' founder and former managing editor, Bena Roberts has now moved on. She's now spending more time with her family. Tony Dennis has now assumed her mantle as the site's editor.
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