iOS has its largest share of traffic in Canada – the home of BlackBerry

Plus other surprising mobile web traffic stats from Netbiscuits

Daniel Weisbeck

know if iphone or samsung no loner enough - weisbeck

Netbiscuits has just released its quarterly web trends report analysing user behaviour on the mobile web across 242 countries. The company has discovered over 4,000 unique devices, across more than 200 vendors and 26 operating systems, an increase of 8 per cent unique mobile handsets and 30 per cent more tablets compared to three months ago. Using the data, Netbiscuits was able to group together factors – such as screen size and speed of connectivity against the proportion of web traffic, to build up a picture of how these characteristics impact user engagement globally.

This data is used to create personas which segment users based on their behaviour.

This is  important for mobile marketers trying to engage with customers in order to gain a better understanding of how to improve conversion rates via mobile devices.

Key findings in this report included: -

  • iOS has its largest share of traffic in Canada, an impressive 59%. It also has the highest proportion of the latest Android KitKat users at just over 1 in 5 of Android hits
  • USA-based mobile web users were the most consistently connected nation on the mobile web – with the peak share (6 per cent)  of evening surfing coming much earlier than in Europe between 5pm and 6pm
  • In 26 countries, users surf the web on mobile phones with screens that are on average smaller than 3 inches. 25 of those countries are in Africa and the Ivory Coast and Lesotho are the smallest
  • Spanish web usage was staggered, with a much later start in the morning and a later spike for lunch
  • Android’s largest country share of traffic is in South Korea, representing 80 per cent.
  • Australia is the only country in Asia Pacific where iOS share of traffic is higher than Android. Here, iOS accounted for 54 per cent of traffic

In addition, the study found that 52 per cent of all traffic came from Apple, Samsung and HTC, with other users fragmented across a vast array of other vendors and devices.

“The complexity of mobile means it is no longer just enough to know that a customer is using an iPhone or a Samsung device,” said Daniel Weisbeck, Netbiscuits’ CMO.

He added, “Brands need to understand how device parameters, such as screen size and browser version, along with contextual elements like location and bandwidth speed, influence engagement and behavior.

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