iOS7 update created biggest traffic spike says Virgin Media

Yet the internet device of choice is apparently still a laptop


apple's iOS 7 update caused massive data spike

UK telco, Virgin Media, has identified the peaks for data traffic carried over its network in 2013 as well as having predicted a festive web traffic surge which is set to break records. Virgin reckons that 2013 will be the most digital Xmas to date. Perhaps the most interesting statistic from 2013 was the fact that Apple’s  iOS7 update on September 18th created the single biggest peak in downloads on Virgin Media’s network. The most surprising revelation is that laptops remain the device of choice to get online with 62 per cent of those in a survey saying that this was their primary means of connecting. And that’s despite tablet and mobile sales being predicted to grow faster by Gartner.

That growth figure comes from Gartner saying that worldwide PC, tablet and mobile phone shipments would grow 4.5 per cent in 2013 as lower-priced devices drive growth here.

The 62 per cent figure was taken from research carried out by OnePoll with 2,000 UK adults in November 2013.

That same poll found that 88 per cent of Brits plan to use the internet over Xmas for looking at online sales (47 per cent); checking the weather forecast for snow (44 per cent); and using social media channels to keep in touch with loved ones (38 per cent).

Virgin predicted that the peak time over the holiday period would be between 8-11pm on Xmas Day as people register and download updates and apps for new electronic gifts.

Virgin Media says its customers typically do more online but, even taking this into account, overall UK demand could theoretically surpass 6.4T bit/s.

The weather is one of the biggest influences of web usage, with more people going online on wet days, Virgin revealed. And Sunday is biggest day of the week for network demand.

Finally, over a third of internet traffic experienced by Virgin is now from streaming services like Netflix as people watch entertainment through Virgin Media TiVo or other devices.

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