iPad app from Top Gear pushes new ad boundaries

Rating: We’ve see the future and its in HD

Although Top Gear is theoretically merely a UK based car magazine, it’s actually an entertainment forum. And if you want to see the future of mobile publishing, you’d better grab a glimpse of Top Gear’s app for the Apple iPad. It’s plain to see this format is a mobile advertiser’s dream and GoMobile News was intrigued to discover that Jaguar and Porsche have already noticed this. We descended on Soho, in the heart of England’s capital city, London for the formal launch of this iPad app. But it went way beyond our expectations.OK. To get our scoops out of the way, we can reveal that following shortly after this iPad app will be versions for the iPad mini, the Amazon Kindle and an unspecified Android version (probably for Samsung tablets).

The other scoops involved the fact that there are already two ads in this monthly publication.

But, the publishers feel that they can expand the advertising base beyond mere cars and include men’s watches, for example.

The egg which this particular Golden Goose has laid is that Top Gear boasts an almost certainly unmatchable library of performance cars images. The vast majority of it in HD format.

For non-UK readers, Top Gear is probably one of the best longest running TV shows on Britain’s BBC TV channel.

But the show is really about the presenters including the larger-than-life Jeremy Clarkson.

He wasn’t in attendance but a fellow Top Gear celebrity – The Stig, certainly was.

The design of this interactive magazine was also fabulous.

There are areas of this magazine which are designated ‘hot spots’ which mean that clicking on these areas reveal superb content.

This whole product has raised the bar and the app was developed by Engine Creative on behalf of the Interactive Media Company who, in turn, publish the Top Gear magazine on behalf of BBC Worldwide.

The best use of GoMobile News‘ involuntary £140 per annum contribution to UK’s government propaganda machine to date. Period.

Hopefully, some of our pics of The Stig come out, too.

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  1. John Barratt says:

    Some say he knows what all the future versions of android will be called because he’s eaten them all and that he’s the real reason why the iPhone 5 didn’t have nfc but we just know him as the Stig

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