iPhone 6 probable launch date of September 9th

Of course, Cupertino’s finest might call it the iPhone 5Z

don't take iPhone 6 tips from Brit comedians like Ali G

A very accurate way of predicting when Apple will perform its annual handset launch (because it is a creature of great habit) is to discover when it is planning its next major media event. Which is exactly what Recode did and it has reported the next big media event is scheduled for September 9th [2014].  Naturally, everyone expects this next handset to be called the iPhone 6. GoMo News is hedging its bets, however, because we followed comedian Ali G in 2012 and predicted here that the iPhone 6 would appear in 2013. Instead we got the 5c and 5s. So we could have a 5z and a 5x in 2014.

With just five weeks to go, there are also reports that Hon Hai Precision which is, of course,  owned by Taiwan’s Foxconn, has already started handset production for Apple.

What must be a foregone conclusion, however, is the fact that the new handsets (again experts believe there will be two models as in 2013) will be running Apple iOS 8 mobile OS.

After all, iOS 8 was unveiled on June 2nd [2014] by Apple at the 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Given that the software has already reached its second beta, it’s a sure thing that iOS 8 will be ready in five weeks time.

What’s interesting is the fact that – as we reported here, according to Netbiscuits if Apple doesn’t come out with a large screen device it will be committing market suicide.

Hence, an iPhone a with a large 5.5 inch display is being touted as highly likely whilst a second (and probably cheaper model) would have a more traditional a 4.7 inch screen.

Of course, we all might be completely wrong. The media event on September 9th might be for the iWatch and the iPhone 6 could come later. Who knows?

Well, um, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, actually.

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