iPhone fishing app is spoilsport

Rating: You’ve got to have a feel for the fish

With half a million iPhone apps out there, you’ve got to do something to attract attention. Well, iAngler has come up with a spiffing ruse – why not antagonise the purists? Yes, this iPhone app for anglers – FishForecast, managed to attract the attention of the Angling Trust. Who’ve implied that the app isn’t very sporting. Not exactly cricket, don’t you know? Which is an excellent ploy because it gives the impression that the app is so good at helping you catch fish that even amateurs can catch fish. Genius. Anyway, the app itself is quite boring but GoMo News cannot but have admiration for the marketing.
FishForecast desribes itself as, “The UK’s first and only app that calculates the weather and moon conditions, then tells you what species [of fish] to target, and how to catch them.”

In effect, the app tells users what to fish for, thereby giving them the best chance of landing that fish of a lifetime. In the UK, this app sells for £2.99 which seems quite reasonably priced.

The trick was not only getting the UK’s best selling national daily newspaper – the Sun – to write about your app, but also getting an expert to put the app down.

Mark Lloyd from the Angling Trust told the Sun, “You can have all the gizmos you like but you need to read the water and understand fish.”

He’s probably quite right but not everyone views the task of landing a fish as a sport.

GoMo News cannot understand why fishermen don’t just go high tech and simply use a grenade/depth charge to stun the fish and then catch them?

Apparently, FishForecast builds on iAngler’s inside out knowledge of individual species feeding patterns and habitats in order to offer users three different options which are best suited for the day ahead.

Not only does it suggest what type of fish to go target each day, it also claims to tell users where to catch the fish and also how to catch them.

The app’s developer appears to have two other fishy titles which both seem to centre around how to catch carp. Which is interesting because, generally speaking, Brits don’t eat carp.

But as a lesson in getting your app noticed, this is classic textbook stuff.

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