iPhone knocked into 2nd place for ‘sexting’

Survey of cheating Brits carried out by AshleyMadison.com

A survey carried out by AshleyMadison.com has revealsed that Samsung handsets knocked Apple’s iconic iPhone into second place as the most popular brand of smartphone amongst British ‘sexters’. Ashley Madison claims to bethe world’s largest extra-marital dating site for adulterers – those who send sexts rather than texts.  Questioned about their preferred technology for conducting secret affairs and where they sext from, 31 per cent of cheating women admitted sexting from the supermarket. Does this mean women can multi-task and combined retail therapy with sexting, GoMo News wonders?

Christoph Kraemer, AshleyMadison.com’s European communications director, observed “We see the same pattern globally with Samsung the most popular and the iPhone second, especially for women.”

Kraemer continued, “Samsung have upped their game and it’s paid off – except for our Finnish members, who still opt for Nokia.”

Other interesting stats from the survey include: -

  • 75 per cent of men, 69 per cent of women say they use their mobile to message their lover
  • Only 7 per cent of men and 7 per cent of women use their computer
  • 17 per cent of men and 24 per cent of women prefer a tablet

Men are most likely to sext from work (36 per cent), women from the supermarket (31 per cent).

Samsung was the preferred handset for 54 per cent of British men and 48 per cent of women.

Apple’s iPhone was in second place for 24 per cent of men and 28 per cent of women.

Blackberry was third (with 8 per cent and 4 per cent respectively) while other mobile phone brands were even less popular.

“Technology is important for our members,” Christoph Kraemer continued.

“The very nature of having a secret affair means people are short of time, so they want speed and first rate functionality from a mobile.”

Smartphones are also increasingly used for taking sex ‘selfies’ – filming or photographing yourself having sex.

This is becoming a widespread practice world-wide and especially popular in the UK.

71 per cent of British male AshleyMadison.com respondents and 69 per cent of women say they have taken a sex selfie, compared with 60.19 per cent and 51.6 per cent of the site’s members globally.

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