iPorn: X-Rated Content hits the iPhone but not everyone is happy about it


Several 17 plus iPhone applications have hit the iPhone.  One is the Hottest Girls package which is an X-rated softporn picture site. 

The apps I just downloaded to check out are hottest girls and Amateur Surgeon.  Both are about EUR 2.

Now.  I have two minds of this. I think there is a general pornification of daily culture which is bad. I think the surgeon application is for sickos and I don’t like the “hottest girls” app.  Some pictures see above (from the Daily Mail are OK) -but others a lot worse.

But this is about choice if people want it then they should have it but the prices are too cheap. Adult content needs to be priced as top shelf content and a lot more expensive than it is now.  Higher prices would put kids off and make this a self-regulatory style of application.

More here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1195414/Fury-Apple-allows-porn-iPhone-time.html

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One Response to iPorn: X-Rated Content hits the iPhone but not everyone is happy about it

  1. And yet porn has been available on the iPhone from day one for free; just use the web-browser built-in to the phone. No charge, no age verification and a lot more hardcore than these soft-porn apps.

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