It is actually possible to recover deleted SD card files

Hardware clinic: How to get back those precious photos that disappeared

This was very definitely a case of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing. A GoMo News reader contacted us to say he had accidentally deleted precious pics and videos taken during a fabulous race day weekend. As Petrol heads will appreciate such photos are irreplaceable, We immediately advised him to take the SD card out of his cameraphone – so that previous data isn’t over-written. Then we suggested that he purchase one of the leading SD card recovery programs for his Windows based laptop but he was such a cheapskate he refused. We’re hoping that a freeware package might actually provide some half decent results instead.

The problem stemmed from the instructions given to our GoMo News readers by officials at the race day weekend.

They suggested that rather than viewing the videos on his PC directly from the actual SD card itself, he’d be better off copying them across.

Mistake. Instead of copying the files over, he ended up merely deleting them. Now if this guy had listened to plain English he’d have been alright. But, No, he wouldn’t do as suggested.

Here at GoMo News, we are absolutely convinced those files were still in the Windows based PC’s Recycle bin. He could have opened it and recovered them. Nope. He refused to beleive it was possible.

So on to plan B, which was a memory stick adapter which had been supplied to hime by the officials. Simply your SD card into the adapter; plug it into the PC and it will show up as a regular hard drive. Maybe E:.

Now, we’d recommend a really easy to use (Blockhead proof) package to recover thse files. A good example is CardRecovery which you can purchase here.

It’s not cheap – $39.95. But on the other hand even a Blockhead like him would have been able to use it. He refused on the grounds that it probably wouldn’t work and find anything.

Just use the trail version, we begged. That way it will tell you how many files it can still recover. Well, it spotted nine files (which we think was the lot) but again he refused.

Exasperated, we’ve pursuaded him to send the card to us. And we are currently trying Periform’s Recover (we’re big fans of its CCleaner) to get some files back.

We anticipate a very high level of success.

And why was our reader so stubborn? Apparently, he’d given the SD card to a UK policeman who could “recover anything from computer disks”.

The policement told him that no files were recoverable. Probably because he, too, realised the guy didn’t want to pay for anything.

There’s a moral here somewhere.

UPDATE: We tried uusing Recuva and it found four MP4 Files. But they appear to corrupted to run. Which leads us to suspect that files have indeed been written to the SD card AFTER the videos and pics were accidentally deleted.

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