iWikiPhone’s social app development seems to works

Rating: Second project app – Mystatusmonkey – is launched

The team at iWikiPhone are trumpeting the arrival of the second iPhone app to be spawned by their App Farm called Mystatusmonkey. This follows the success of ScrAppbook, their first ever iPhone app. If you manage to vote on and pick the next candidate for the iWikiPhone developers, you can win $50.

The developers at iWikiphone [see our previous story here] maintain that ScrAppbook is doing very well with sales in the USA, especially after Apple chose for it to appear in the ‘What’s Hot’ category of the App Store.


The app is in itself quite simple as it provides the means for people to share their family photographs and costs a mere 99 cents.

But it proves the concept – if you get people to come up with the ideas and vote for it you have a ready-made following for the app. They are hoping the same thing will happen with Mystatusmonkey.

This app allows you to update your status on up to six different networks at one go and so is pretty handy for anyone keen on social networking and with accounts on Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin/Tuenti and Bebo. Again it costs 99 cents.

There are currently six (not five as they say) projects being voted on in the App Farm at the moment and the person who came up with the idea is set to win a useful $500.

GoMo News personally favours the second favourite, iBeer Expenses which appears to have been thought up by Wazap. We’d tell you more but sadly iWikiPhone won’t let us log back in.

As a kind of training school for would-be iPhone app developers, iWikiPhone is doing the whole industry a favour really by encouraging newbies to get involved.

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  3. alex grant says:

    Hi Dennis,

    This is Alex here from iWikiPhone.com

    Thanks for the nice post. Glad you liked iBeer Expense. By the way you mentioned that you could not log in – what exactly happened to you so I can fix.



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