Jumio’s payment technology used by mobile startups

Rating: Built into forthcoming Drinksquare app

Payment technology is becoming increasingly important as developers struggle to monetise their mobile apps. Which is probably the reason why specialist mobile payments and ID verification company, Jumio, has been able to announce that some 20 new European and US based companies have signed up with it in this quarter (Q4 2012). It’s not just mobile web sites that can utilise Jumio’s technology, mobile apps can do so too. That’s because Jumio’s Netswipe offering is designed to increase conversion rates in mobile app checkout pages.

It offers imbedded credit card scanning and validation.

The company claims this eliminates the need for laborious and error-prone key entry and consequently should provide increased revenue, less fraud and reduced chargeback costs.

One software house planning to use the Netswipe technology is Drinksquare. It plans to offer an app to share, rate, buy and offer any kind of drinks.

Anyway, any time, of course. Except that the app isn’t quite ready so we don’t know if it is for iOS, Android or both. You can find this developer on Facebook here http://www.facebook.com/drinksquare.

Jumio’s other main offering is Netverify which the company claims provides real-time ID verification to enable customers from over 60 countries.

It meets KYC and ID requirements for account registrations, large purchases, establishing online community trust and safety.

Planning to use Netverify is Skimm – a mobile payment solution start-up. This company is so new that GoMobile News couldn’t find anything about it. Maybe they’ll contact us?

Daniel Mattes, Jumio’s CEO, commented, “The European market is catching up with the USA as businesses and consumers alike have recognized the need for sites and apps that make ID verification and payment both easy and safe.”

Jumio claims tthat Netswipe is implemented using Jumio’s Mobile SDK and that integration into any mobile app takes less than 30 minutes. Pretty impressive stuff.

More info here.

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