Kadrige launches Kadrige iSharing and invents Real Mobility

Kadrige iSharing: the first collaborative application for instant sharing on iPad

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November 23rd 2012. Kadrige Innovative Software, the app publishing division of Kadrige, the European leader in solutions for remote medical calls and SaaS web conferencing, has announced the launch of its iPad application: Kadrige iSharing. Designed for all types of industries that use the iPad as a collaborative work tool, it allows users to share interactive content and organise conference calls and training sessions with hundreds of people, all connected at the same time, as well as offering web app sharing. And all this regardless of bandwidth quality, thanks to the patented technology – Kadrige Everywhere.

Kadrige in the mobility movement

The number of touch-screen tablets sold to companies worldwide has now reached 10 million, and analysts predict that this number will increase fifteen-fold within thenext five years.

Mobility is a strategic issue for companies, who now estimate that an average of one-fourth of their employees are mobile actors.

Within any mobility strategy, digital tablets and business applications have become key success factors in responding to these new challenges. As a result, it is vital that all time and space constraints are eliminated.

“Backed by 10 years of experience in developing solutions for remote interactions, we currently hold major patents in remote communications and mobility.”

“All of Kadrige’s innovative work is based on the principle of analogy and, more specifically, on the remote reproduction of the main functions of any activity in companies: information, promotion, training, and management.”

“The Kadrige iSharing application revolutionises collaborative tools for the workplace, in order to simplify exchange and content sharing within the corporate ecosystem,” explains Olivier Cadou, Kadrige CEO.

“Companies are always looking to save time and money. With this application, they will be able to increase the speed of decision making and the effectiveness of their organisations,” adds Cadou.

Kadrige iSharing: – when mobility and sharing merge with connectivity and immediacy

Kadrige iSharing reproduces any action made on one iPad on all of the other devices (tablets or computers) connected to the current session, in real time and remotely.

It replicates touching, typing, swiping, scrolling, dragging, drawing, as well as writing.

Kadrige iSharing makes it possible to participate in collaborative work, training and discussions, with no constraints of time nor location.

With Kadrige Everywhere (one of the innovative technologies patented by Kadrige Innovative Software), the application can be widely used at any time, anywhere in the world, even with a very low bandwidth (4 Kbit/s).

Inform and collaborate: – Kadrige iSharing enables remote meetings with multiple participants logged in at the same time.

The application offers the possibility to share documents, websites and web applications, as well as real-time collaboration.

Train: – Kadrige iSharing allows to train and assess teams remotely using VoIP and 3G: training sessions, coaching, seminars, to have them more efficient and effective.

Connect: – Kadrige iSharing users also have the opportunity to use their iPads to connect their clients to e-conferences, peer-to-peer sessions, customer services or experts, and get personalised content sharing.

Assist: – Kadrige iSharing also offers to co-browse web applications to benefit from instant sharing and therefore, facilitate support, training and sharing expertise and information in real time.

Availability subject to quotation.

About Kadrige

Kadrige is a mobile and web application publisher with more than 10 years experience in remote and interactive communication in the healthcare industry. Its patented technology brings clients and partners the stability and innovation they need to achieve Real Mobility. In 2012, Kadrige split up in two divisions: Kadrige Innovative Software, the mobile and web application publisher and Kadrige Life Science which will focus on the sales of the applications developed by Kadrige Innovative Software and high added value services to the healthcare industry.

Kadrige Innovative Software develops innovative mobile collaborative solutions that meet the expectations of a world becoming more and more mobile imposed on companies.
According to experts and analysts of consulting firms, Kadrige Innovative Software offers a revolutionary solution, once again showings that innovation and pioneering spirit are part of its DNA.

Founded in 2002 by Olivier Cadou, inventor of the hybrid call model that mixes face to face and remote calls, Kadrige currently employs a staff of nearly 60 and counts many clients in France and abroad, some of which are among the 20 largest pharmaceutical groups in the world.
Kadrige is today the European leader in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) e-detailing and e-conferencing solutions.

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