Kadrige secure collaborative app for iPad users

Rating: Has all the bases covered on security side

Two major trends in the workplace are converging fast – remote working and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Spotting this opportunity, Kadrige Innovative Software has created what it claims is first of its kind – Kadridge iSharing a collaborative app for Apple iPad users. iSharing allows users to share interactive content as well as offering web app sharing. Plus users can organise conference calls and training sessions with hundreds of people, all connected at the same time. It has been specifically designed to meet the demands of remote working and therefore requires the minimum of bandwidth. The app will be released any time now. GoMobile News asked the vendor about security issues and the answers are given below.Thanks to ‘Kadrige Everywhere’ patented technology, the application can be used even with a very low bandwidth of 4 Kbit/s.
That means you could run it over an ISDN signalling channel – let alone a mobile link!

The inherent problem with any application like this is that it will give an organisation’s Network Nasties the kittens. The potential for loss of corporate data is enormous.

However, Kadridge assured GoMobile News that, “On the client (iPad) side everything is done to reduce security risk.”

“iOS features are used to encrypt sensitive information. Beside encryption, the presence of the information is strictly reduced to the minimum needed for the app to work properly.”

“Sensitive information does not stay on the iPad longer than the session.”

“On the server side, sensitive information is encrypted using strong encryption scheme (AES) and protected behind a series of firewall.”

“Every data access is logged. Exchanges between server and clients are also encrypted.”

“We applied state of the art architecture and software approach to reduce the security risk to a minimum level.”

In layman’s terms, then, they covered all the bases as far as data security goes.

You asked to find out more about the security aspect and why IT managers would adopt it. I hope the below answers the questions you have:

Please find more details of the Kadrige iSharing app below.

So how is Kadrige iSharing app different from others in the market?

Kadrige claims iSharing is not some kind of basic ‘screen sharing’ application. It enables users to reproduce content in real time and remotely on an iPad or on multiple iPads and vice versa.

Kadrige iSharing also allows users to browse the web and apps together. Users can enjoy instant sharing and therefore, facilitate support, training and sharing expertise and information in real time.

It is designed for all types of industries, However, the vendor is very definitely Old School. It says, “Availability is subject to quotation.” In other words, the price depends on how many ‘seats’ you have.

So you probably won’t be able to purchase it via the iTunes store. For more details go here.

For a sneak peak of the iSharing app go here.

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