Kickads launches a new mobile advertising company

Directed to a wider market thanks to its worldwide reach

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May 7th 2014. Kickads, a new mobile advertising company, opens its doors for the first time in Buenos Aires together with a team of industry experts. It provides new and exclusive tools for successfully develop mobile campaigns. As of April [2014], with the birth of Kickads – Vanega, the renowned online advertising, marketing and communication agency, has expanded its family taking up the mobile ecosystem as well.

Kickads was Created by the hands of Exequiel Arriola, sales director and Pedro Forwe, mobile media director, thanks to a clear need for 360 degree strategic planning and due to most clients turning to mobile as a communication channel.

The company doesn’t only provide specific advertising solutions within the mobile channel.

But it also offers strong support to its partners as an agency – sharing all its knowledge and experience acquired by having worked in the field, together with a support team and the  ahigh level of technical assistance.

With unlimited segmentation levels, the company wants to improve the advertiser experience with quality traffic, and also by widening the inventory sources, including all mobile devices and operating system (OS).

The main goal is to create successful long term relationships and to contribute to the growth of the mobile channel by promoting its relevance.

“The launch of Kickads in Latin America will allow us to consolidate the relationship with our customers in the entire region, which is constantly evolving and requesting more mobile content and services, ” said Exequiel Arriola, sales director with  Kickads and Vanega.

“From Kickads, we daily build up a close relationship with our customers, which in the long term will help us become strategic partners.”

Arriola continued, “In addition to opening offices in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia in 2014, we believe that in the medium term we will be able to access other regions such as Africa and Asia”

“This will let us expand our services and experience to new users”.”

Pedro Forwe, Kickads mobile media director, commented, “The growth on mobile advertising around the world in addition to the behaviour of mobile device users, put us in a position of full responsibility for 2014.”

“This is why Kickads is born. Our purpose is to position our advertisers on the spotlight of a developing industry, reaching the users they want, through innovative and high impact ads.”

“We have the necessary team and technology to reach these goals.”

Kickads provides optimised services for different advertisers and operating sectors – focusing on system integration and managing accounts.

It arrives at a perfect moment to empower a fully developing market. Kickads is the way to do it and achieve it the best possible way.

About Kickads

Kickads is a mobile advertising company directed to a wider market, thanks to its worldwide reach.  It develops and provides creative services aimed at project management and online advertising sales. The company’s mission is to provide a marketplace to advertisers that is right for them and based on the highest technology.  This is why its risk free system does not only offer a safe investment, but also offers the most effective segmentation of the mobile industry.

The Kickads team works every day with passion, focus and dedication to provide the best results.

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