KPT identifies $351m untapped market for language dictionaries on mobile phones

Millions of users in Europe and the Americas have a restricted messaging experience because their native language is not installed on their mobile phone

Wednesday, 05 August 2009 – KeyPoint Technologies (UK) Ltd. (KPT) have conducted extensive research and found that potentially 117m mobile users (in Europe and the Americas) have language requirements that the mobile industry is not satisfying; KPT’s research suggests there is a $351m market which could be targeted if Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and handset OEMs made languages easy to find and download for a small fee.

KPT’s research* is two‐fold: a beta testing programme is seeing 8% of users on average buying a Language “AddOn” dictionary for $3 so there is end user appetite to pay for languages which are easy to locate and download straight to their phone.

Research by the Languages & Linguistics Team at KPT suggests there are 117m users across Europe and the Americas who would potentially download additional languages to their smartphone due to a limited number of languages embedded in the phone and inability for the text entry software to run two or more languages at the same time e.g.

• An Eastern European living and working in the UK cannot get their native language on a
phone purchased in the UK. Phones shipped in the UK tend to offer Western European
languages only.

• Even if the phone does have the desired language embedded, the user can only have one
language activated at a time. Text entry software needs to assist the multilingual users and
switch languages in real‐time depending on the user’s writing context.

Research from KPT shows that native speakers from Eastern European states (Russia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey, Serbia and Croatia) are the widest spread and therefore will feel the lack of language support on mobile phones most acutely. Spain, UK, Germany, Italy, and France have the highest volume of speakers of minority languages (see the Research Datasheet attached for more information).

Sanjay Patel, CEO at KPT, says “language is incredibly dynamic particularly when you look at the realignment of borders and population movements over time. There is incredible diversity in
language from one country to another and the mobile industry needs to use new technologies to deliver a better user experience. This should be seen as a great opportunity for the mature mobile
markets of Western Europe to let users download additional languages to their mobile phone for a small cost and see an increase in messaging from these users.”

KPT’s Adaptxt software is embedded on the HP iPAQ Voice Messenger and a beta application is available for Nokia N and E series owners at “When the Adaptxt client software is installed, these users can buy a Language AddOn for $3 and download it straight to their device. There is no hunting around for language packs and firmware upgrades” says KPT’s Sanjay Patel.
KPT’s Languages & Linguistics Team have studied research from various sources, differentiated between 2nd languages and local dialects, and then applied mobile penetrations rates to get figures
relevant to the mobile user populations across Europe and the Americas. The Research datasheet attached to this press release illustrates high level findings across these areas.

About KeyPoint Technologies UK (Ltd.)
KeyPoint Technologies’ (KPT) mission is to make communication devices more accessible. Their product, Adaptxt, sets a new standard in next generation assistive input software. Adaptxt for
Windows Handheld, Smartphone and Desktop devices uses proprietary pattern recognition to make text entry fast, natural and efficient. Adaptxt learns in real-time and understands context,
grammar and semantics offering a superior language based input solution.
* The research is non-exclusive done with a major handset manufacturer.

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