Latest BBM update for Android fails to excite

Still great deal of negative feedback

As Microsoft made it very clear this week when it finalised the acquisition of Nokia’s Devices & Services division, the way to make money out of mobile currently is out of services.  The demon of Redmond will be pushing the likes of OneDrive to Asha and Nokia X owners rather than desperately trying to get consumers to buy WP8. And BlackBerry ought to be doing exactly the same thing with its BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) IM offering. So when we saw there was a new update for BBM for Android, we got quite excited here at GoMo Towers. To no avail because all the latest version claims to offer is bug fixes. Which prompted a whole host of reviewers to say the bugs weren’t fixed. Worse still there is no sign of the BBM for Windows Phone yet.

If you visit Google Play to download the latest version of BBM here, you’ll find a whole bunch of complaints about the latest release not fixing all the bugs.

One guy was claiming there’s still a notification error;  still a problem with sharing contacts; and that emoticons are still too small.

However, another aggrieved reviewer claimed that he or she couldn’t send a file as advertised but we can’t help but think that this is purely finger trouble and not a bug.

What we did notice here at a large number of people have actually been installing an indie app – from Orgegon Developer, called PIN Finder for BBM.

We had a great deal of trouble entering our country of origin in this app. However, we guess a great deal of people are using PIN Finder as a kind of dating app,

For example, we set the app to Indonesia and then picked the ‘only pins with pics option’. This immediately revealed that you can put a picture of your nether regions against your PIN.

We think BlackBerry needs to fix that one!

Overall, GoMo News regards BBM as the most underated social network there is at the moment and fully expect BlackBerry to get its act into gear and promote BBM heavily to the non-BlackBerry owning community.

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4 Responses to Latest BBM update for Android fails to excite

  1. pradeep says:

    this article is very important for every mobile user. for android and blackberry user and all mobile user and customers.

  2. admin says:

    Why are you trying to plug smartphone chargers?

  3. kul says:

    Blackberry has been slow to react , i have been a loyal BB fan since the beginning, however i had to leave the product line, not because of its actually hardware, but the support from the APP market was poor. I went over to Andriod. When BBM came to Andriod I was excitied that BB is making a come back in smalls ways, grabbing the IM market should be a easy step. But no. BBM for all except WP is a mistake, not even having some of the most latest feature from other IM’s ‘ Viber, Whats App, Chomp and many other leaves me to question if BB is even trying the competitors products or even listening to their customers ?
    once they have their IM feature rich making them above all competitors, they also need to invest in a heavy advertising campaign aimed at the 16-23 year olds .. most of these youth don’t even know about what blackberry is.

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