Lazardis gives up BlackBerry chase

Founder drops bid to take back control of smartphone maker

lazaridis - given up trying to pick up blackberries

It seems that one of the men who founded Research in Motion (RIM) which is now Canada’s BlackBerry smartphone maker has abandoned his attempt to retake control of his old company. Mike Lazaridis who formed an alliance with another former BlackBerry exec, Doug Fregin, to try to back back BlackBerry has abandoned the attempt. He signaled the end to this venture by selling a tranche of his BlackBerry shares which raised around $26 million (£16 million). That cut his overall share holding in Canada’s prized  ITC company from 5.7 per cent to below 5 per cent.

Lazaridis and co-CEO, Jim Balsillie, were eased out of BlackBerry a few years back when the company first showed signs of letting go of the smartphone baton to the likes of Apple, then Samsung.

BlackBerry has now officially taken itself off the market and appointed John Chen to turn the operation around.

Chen appears to have taken a leaf out of Apple’s book by immediately outsourcing the manufacture of the smartphones to China under Foxconn’s control.

GoMo News strongly suspects that BlackBerry is sitting on a large stock of BlackBerry Z10s which boasts its latest BB10 mobile OS.

Maybe under Chen the company will wake up to the fact that it should really be pushing the Qwerty pad Q10 and low costs BlackBerries for markets where it is still extremely popular – such as Indonesia.

It would also be a smart move if it timed new hardware – apparently code-named Jakarta, for release late February [2014] at the MWC Barcelona show.

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