Locations ousts branding in rich media mobile ads, says Celtra

Rating: 45 per cent of such ads now feature video, too

An interesting new development in the rich media mobile ads sector has been discovered by Celtra in its quarterly Mobile Rich Media Monitor report. Apparently, location-based features have now overtaken branding and presentation as the most engaging ad feature. Location now boasts an 18.8 per cent engagement rate. By comparison, the average ad engagement rate was 13.7 per cent in Q3, nearly a one per cent increase over Q2. Adding gaming features (or gamification) can in second place after location with a 13.9 per cent engagement rate Perhaps the most interesting statistic was that was that nearly half (45 per cent) of all the mobile advertising campaigns analysed by Celltra featured video.“Mobile rich media advertising is emerging as a powerful and extremely effective asset in the mid-funnel, successfully driving purchase consideration and intent.” commented Matevz Klanjsek, Celtra’s CPO (Chief Product Officer).

He added, “Rich media mobile advertising is maturing quickly and its position within the marketing funnel is becoming clearer and more established – especially as engagement rates continue to grow.”

Celtra’s Q3 Mobile Rich Media Monitor Report represents data gathered from 170 handset and tablet campaigns and is intended to provide marketers with a baseline for ad performance so that they can plan their mobile campaigns.

The company claims its AdCreator 3 offering is the only complete, SDK-agnostic platform for building, managing and tracking rich media mobile advertisements.

More information from the Celtra report is here.

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