Low cost Windows 6.5 smartphones set to escalate

Rating: China’s answers to HTC emerge

In the past, GoMo News has been very sceptical about handsets emerging from China’s Shenzen which are trying to pretend they are almost identical clones of top best sellers. But it seems that Chinese manufacturers have now discovered ways of producing Windows 6.5 mobile phones at rock bottom prices. If true, it could lead to a revival of interest in Windows Mobile apps.This revelation results from one reader sending us the link to a handset described as the’ Mobile Phone Windows G3′ from Ananda Industrial Co. trading as Anandasy.

It promotes a particular handset called the ‘Mobile Phone Windows G3′.

Intriguingly, GoMo News chatted electronically with the manufacturer and the spokeswoman was absolutely adamant that this particular handset really does run the Windows Mobile 6.5 OS.

Which is fine if all you want is a handset that will runs Windows apps and looks like an HTC model. But the plot thickens with the reference to G3.

G3 was the codename for HTC’s Hero which doesn’t run Windows at all it runs Android instead. That would be fine but unfortunately it has been possible to turn certain HTC mobile phones running Windows into a dual boot handset running both OS. See our earlier story here.

The actual HTC handset which ran both OS was an HD2/Diamond and some Android enthusiasts have assumed that it should be possible to persuade such a cloned HTC to run both. See this posting on the Android Forums.

Sadly this dual boot facility doesn’t appear to be feasible in every case but the most puzzling thing emerges from the fact that the Ananda phone claims to be using a Qualcomm MSM7227 chip.

The 7227 offers a decent level of processing power. The catch therefore lies with the Ananada handset’s data capabilities. While on paper the handset should support 3G in the form of HSPDA, that’s not in the supplier’s specs. The best is GPRS.

A lack of high speed cellular data support may not be such an issue given that the handset supports Wi-fi. So you could download the software via Wi-fi and then run the apps over a GPRS data link.

If Ananada is for real on the ability to run Windows and the handset isn’t a Java phone masquerading as something else, then it is pretty cheap way to get a phone to run Windows apps.

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