Lumia 521 is the budget smartphone Windows Phone needed

Goes from nowhere to almost 12% per cent of web traffic in 3 months

keep an eye on connected TVs - rosewell

Good old has been doing some more data mining recently. This time the company decided to have a look at Nokia mobile devices over the last 8 months and their share of global web traffic. Somewhat unexpectedly the company discovered that Nokia’s Lumia 521 is enjoying a dominant position with an almost 12 per cent share of all mobile web traffic worldwide. This finding has helped to cement the fact that Windows is now the third most popular smartphone operating system used for web browsing across emerging markets (including India). Symbian’s share has just melted away.

The results have also reflected the fact that despite its best endeavours, Nokia has never done too well in the US market.

By contrast, Symbian was extremely well established in emerging markets. Back in only January 2012, Symbian was enjoying around a 25 per cent share in emerging markets – actually a head of Apple’s iOS.

Now it has crashed to less than 5 per cent. However, the increased popularity of Windows Phone can be put down to the Lumia 521 – showing what GoMo News has previously identified here that the Nokia brand is still admired in markets such as India.

The figures also suggest a sensible strategy for Nokia would be to focus its marketing efforts on those geographies where it has always been strong – such as Europe and Asia.

Now that the company has been acquired by Microsoft, GoMo News says, “There’s a fat chance of that happening. Nokia will now concentrate on the USA.” creates these figures for its clients as it helps them to: –  identify mobile devices and browser usage by country; determine the popular mobile handsets clients should design for; and discover potential new markets for mobile services.

Another advantage to its service is that it enables clients to compare monthly usage to spot new trends.

GoMo News was talking only the other day to’s head honcho, James Rosewell. His hot tip is somewhat surprisingly, IP based TV sets.

At present these devices represent a miniscule proportion of global web traffic. However, as Rosewell pointed out – tablets (thanks to the iPad) have come from nowhere to 7 per cent of global web traffic in just a few years.

The billion dollar question, therefore, is can the likes of Samsung and Sony entice their mobile developers to produce apps for ‘connected TVs’ as well.

Incidentally, if GoMo News readers want to have a bit of fun they should visit this page on the web site.

It explains how you can modify the parameters yourself to see what effects they have on the data. We did it for India.

The results were very interesting. Symbian still has a bigger share (18.3 per cent) of the Indian mobile OS market than iOS (15.1) whilst Bada is bigger (2 per cent) than Windows Phone (1 per cent).

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