Lumia Black update software rollout for Nokia WP8s starts today

Starts with Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 smartphones

An OS update for Nokia’s WP8 based handsets has started globally today [December 10th 2014]. The first models to receive the ‘Black’ update will be Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 smartphones. Other updates will follow on a unspecified timeframe. Sadly, GoMo News can’t check this out because we’re stuck with our Lumia 800 which is only WP7.8. Ho-hum. Anyway, Lumia Black offers many new features for existing Nokia Lumia WP8 owners including improvements in imaging; new apps; and app updates from Microsoft as well as Nokia.

Perhaps one of the most useful features is the fact that Black will now enable Bluetooth LE (Low Energy] across the complete Lumia WP8 range.

This will provide compatibility with devices such as the Adidas MiCoach showing that Nokia/Microsoft acknowledge the growing importance of smart wearables.

Nokia seems to be relying on WP8 enthusiasts to check for availability themselves, although Lumia smartphones automatically check for updates once a week.

Check yourself by going to ‘Settings and ‘Phone Update’. If Black is found it will download and installs straight from that screen.

Of course, GoMo News recommends you either ensure the handset is fully charged or have it plugged in to the mains.

Backing up all your personal data just in case is another good idea.

You should also try visiting this page or our readers in the Asia Pacific region can go straight here.

That page will show Indian Lumia smartphone users if Black is available for them yet or if they’re still stuck with the ‘Amber’ upgrade.

There are three main new apps which come with Nokia Black – Nokia Camera; Nokia Beamer; and Nokia Storyteller.

We tried downloading them to our WP7.8 Lumia 800 handset but they all came up as incompatible. So don’t bother.

Other enhancements from Microsoft customised ringtones for each contact.

You can now also close apps within the in multitasking view and lock the screen rotation if you wish.

Here’s those three apps: -

Nokia Camera. Combines Nokia Pro Camera and Smart Camera to simplify the photo-taking experience, and ensure you get the perfect shot every time.

The app has been available for Lumia PureView smartphones since last year, but it’s now coming to the rest of the WP8 Lumia range.

The latest Nokia Camera update also brings raw DNG support for Lumia 1020 owners.

Nokia Beamer. Sharing what’s on your phone is easier than ever with Nokia Beamer.

You can now beam documents, presentations, anything you like, to any HTML5-enabled screen by simply scanning a QR code on the screen. It’s coming to all of the phones with 1GB RAM upwards.

Other key features brought along with the Black update from Nokia include: -

App Folder. This brand new feature makes your Lumia experience even more fluid by giving you an option to further personalize and organize your Start screen.

With App folders you can group similar apps and settings into one folder, a tile, on your Start screen.

Nokia Glance screen 2.0. Helps you keep track of information in real time, making all your most important notifications including: phone, messages, email, outlook, calendar, or any apps that use notifications such as Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, or games; always visible at a glance on your screen. It saves time and energy.

Nokia Refocus. This comes to all Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphones with 1GB of RAM and upwards.

Latest generation of imaging algorithms. The Lumia Black update further improves the image quality, especially in Lumia 1020.

Among others, the improvements include a new oversampling algorithm, making your images more natural looking with reduced noise, while ensuring your photos remain wonderfully sharp.

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