MACH helps make it easier for German kids to purchase apps

Rating: GlobalCharge provides operator billing to its app developers

There’s blithe assumption that the ‘unbanked’ amongst smartphone users are all citizens of developing countries. Overlooking the fact that young kids have neither credit or debit cards with which to buy apps or make in-app purchases. That problem disappears with MACH’s direct operator billing service. This has just been made available to some 80 million German mobile subscribers across all the major German networks thanks to a tie up with micro payments specialist, GlobalCharge. By allowing charges to be made directly to an end-user’s mobile phone bill (contract or prepaid), GlobalCharge’s clients can broaden their customer reach and creating new revenue streams from their mobile apps or content. Youngsters are great app consumers but can’t purchase them traditionally, of course.

They’re not the only ones who’d like to be able to add the cost of an app to their phone bill.

MACH’s research carried out earlier this yea [2012], showed that 37 per cent of smartphone users in Germany use direct operator billing as their preferred payment method.

“With MACH’s Direct Billing Gateway we are now delivering direct operator billing capability to our clients without them having to set up individual agreements with each German operator in the market,” commented Simon Coates, commercial director with GlobalCharge.

“The ease of use that direct operator billing brings, especially when compared to other payment methods like credit cards, has been shown to impact how often consumers buy goods from app stores,” observed Michael De Jongh, global head of sales for mobile billing & payments with MACH.

He added, “As a result, direct operator billing both stimulates merchants’ revenue streams and elevates the role of the operator, placing it directly in the e-commerce value chain.”

GoMobile News believes that solutions like these will definitely enable app producers to properly monetise their offerings.

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