Malaysia only made 2 attempts to contact flight MH370

We still  think that cellular records might hold the key

could kranti shirseth's cellular records hold a clue?

A report released by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) concerning the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 only serves to raise more questions than it answers. However, one of its most important revelations is that after their final contact at 1.22am on March 8th [2014], Malaysian ground staff made only two attempts to reach the missing aircraft by calling the plane’s satellite phone. The second call was made at 7.13am Malaysian time, after the flight was supposed to have landed. A Quantas pilot, Captain Richard Woodward told [Australia] that,”Five hours is a long time (not to call) if you’re trying to search for the airplane.” GoMo News still thinks that cellular phone records might hold some clues.

Woodward told the news site, “You’d be trying every available means. I’m absolutely surprised there’s only two attempts to call on the satellite phone.”

“If you’d lost contact with an airliner you’d be calling them on every frequency,” he continued.

“You’d definitely be trying to call them on the satellite phone (as well as VHF and HF and by data link, similar to SMS).”

However, we are convinced that a large number of the passengers and crew turned their mobile phones on as they were aware that something was seriously wrong onboard the plane.

It seems that the Chinese and Malaysian mobile phone companies are reluctant to release mobile phone call records.

But there were other nationals onboard who might be able to persuade their national cellular operators to look at their records.

One of these is French – Ghislain Wattrelos, a French business executive, whose wife and children were onboard.

Another is Pralhad Shirseth, whose wife, Kranti, was on her way to visit him. He was working for an Irish based NGO.

Of course, GoMo News has received some strange suggestions as to what happened.

One of them is that the aircraft was landed at the US air base in Diego Garcia (see here).

This theory was originally discounted as the island was supposedly too far away for that flight.

However, the ATSB report says that the Australians are now searching further south. Suggesting that the plane is now thought to have travelled further than originally calculated.

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