Maybe Verizon will sponsor the Gene Haas F1 team

Just to keep its rivals out

whoops - mail runs old vodafone mclaren image

Here at GoMo Towers we are intrigued by the plans that US based, Gene Haas, to build a new F1 [Formula One] motor racing team. As soon as it was anoouncede that Haas had won the right to enter an F1 team the whole project was immediately surrounded in controvery. One of the big questions is, of course, will have enough time to build a winning team for the next season – 2015, or will the sheer logistics force him to wait until 2016. However, here at GoMo News, we’re speculating that the USA’s leading MNO [Mobile Network Operator] might be forced to sponsor the Haas team – for nothing else than to keep its rivals out.

Ever since UK based MNO – Vodafone, pullded out of F1 sponsorship through its deal with McLaren, we’ve wondered how Verizon might react.

When the McLaren team raced in the Vodafone logo with the Verizon one for the US Grand Prix in 2012 and 2013, we’ve always thought that Verizon appreciated the power of having its logo on an F1 racing car.

To date there’s been no sign that Verizon on its own (without Vodafone) might decide to sponsor the McLaren team.

However, would the lure of an F1 team based in the USA (more precisely Charlotte, North Carolina) could prove too tempting for Verizon to resist.

Especially if Verizon thought that arch rivals AT&T or Sprint might move in.

The Sprint name is already closely associated with Gene Hass, of course.

More worryingly, however, are the rumours that AT&T is planning to move into Europe big time and is considering buying a major MNO.

There’s even a suggestion that Vodafone might be the target of an AT&T take over.

The power of tying your brand in with Formula One is undeniable, of course.

For example, leading UK newspaper – The Mail on Sunday, ran a story about Vodafone today [April 20th 2014] here when F1 racing was taking place in China.

It used a shot of the McLaren team to illustrate Vodafone’s sucess, entirely forgetting that Vodafone had dropped its F1 sponsorship.

We’d also dispute racing driver Juan Pablo Montoya’ assertion that it would be impossible to lure key F1 Brits to Georgia.

Quite frankly, F1 workers spend very little time in their native country anyway, they are continuously touring the world.

And as far as Brits are concerned, GeorgiaNorth Carolina’s pretty close to Florida where Brits love to holiday, anyway!

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2 Responses to Maybe Verizon will sponsor the Gene Haas F1 team

  1. Leslie Pringle says:

    Charlotte is in North Carolina, not Georgia!!!!!! Get your facts right please.

  2. admin says:

    Oops. Our geography isn’t that good! A bit like most North Americans.

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