McLaren’s 2014 F1 car isn’t Orange at all

Still no sign of a replacement sponsor for Vodafone

mp4-29So much for speculation that Orange/France Telecom might have stepped into the shoes of global MNO [Mobile Network operator], Vodafone. New Year’s day [January 1st 2014], we ran a story based on an Omnicorse report that McLaren was going to be painting its Formula One [F1] car for the 2014 – Orange. Well, it hasn’t. The MP-29 is silver. Plus, it seems that no-one is going to directly replace Vodafone at present. Although, GoMo News holds out the feint hope that Verizon Wireless might sponsor the car for the US Grand Prix.

We strongly suspect that McLaren has been stung by constantly speculation over a replacement for Vodafone.

Firstly, Jonathan Neale, McLaren’s md, is quoted as saying, “I’m pleased to say that McLaren Racing will have a larger operational budget available to it in 2014 than it’s had in any previous season in McLaren’s history.”

In its official Press release to mark the launch of the MP4-29, the company also pointedly spelt out the length of time sponsors have stuck with the team.

The list includes: -Hugo Boss (33 years), TAG Heuer (29 years), Kenwood (24 years), ExxonMobil and Mercedes-Benz (20 years) and SAP (16 years), Johnnie Walker and Hilton (nine years).

We’ve looked hard at the McLaren list of sponsors and the only one with a connexion to the mobile/cellular world is Freescale.

It is, of course, a leading supplier of semiconductors including ARM based chips. It also stated out life as a division of Motorola.

Anyway, for the petrol heads amongst you we have published McLaren’s graphic for the MP4-29.

Which only heightens our belief that infographics are next to useless.

Can you spot Freescale’s logo on it? No. Our point exactly.

McLaren Mercedes MP4-29 Infographic

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