MH370 pressure group launches fund raiser

Perhaps it needs to discover direct operator billing

why keep searching south?

A dramatic new development in the hunt for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 occurred today [June 8th 2014] with the launch of a new $5 million appeal. A pressure group is hoping to raise enough money to encourage a ‘whistleblower’ to come forward to reveal details around the conspiracy theory that someone, somewhere knows something that would reveal where the missing aircraft actually is. Just like the search efforts, GoMo News firmly believes that the pressure group is looking in the wrong place. Plus they could raise money more effectively if they deployed direct operator billing.

This new initiative appears to be the handiwork of a pressure group calling its In search of the truth

The group is using to spearhead its fund raising efforts.

Quite frankly, we think the group would do a lot better if it tried to raise funds via people donating using direct operator billing and their handset.

That way anyone viewing the appeal could donate a small sum via his or her mobile phone.

Anyway, this whole new development shows that the friends/relatives of the 239 people onboard  the flight are still not united.

This is, for example, the first time GoMo News learnt of the existence of an Indian national with relatives onboard that flight.

KS Narendran is an Indian management consultant whose wife Chandrika Sharma is also on MH370.

Perhaps, someone will finally listen to GoMo News and push for the release of mobile phone [cell phone] records which could show in which countries the handsets from those onboard actually rang

Just like the official search is searching in the wrong direction (North rather than South) the pressure groups are after the wrong data.

Forget the information supposedly available from the Inmarsat satellite tracking system.

Ask for the mobile phone records for all 239 people onboard. All you need is for one phone to have rung anywhere other than Malaysia and you have a vital clue.

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