mHealth features heavily in Sunday supplement

Rating: Distributed by Sunday Times, written by Lyonsdown

We spotted an interesting supplement this weekend in the UK’s Sunday Telegraph. It was covering eHealth in general but was littered with references to mHealth. There was a particularly good profile of Ireland’s Dr Fiona Kavanagh of 3G Doctor fame who claims in her blog here that she was instrumental in putting the whole publication together. Although the supplement described itself as an “independent report from Lyonsdown distributed with the Sunday Telegraph“, it isn’t too difficult to play spot the obvious sponsor. However, the sponsorship did provide some useful names and contacts.For example, did you know that O2/Telefonica has a dedicated ‘global director of healthcare and managing director of O2 Health UK?

Such a title probably didn’t exist three years ago but is now filled by Keith Nurcombe.

GoMo News is also very grateful to Tracey Caldwell for her list of important mHealth providers. The list includes SIMpill; iPlato; Intelesens (from Belfast); and Regpoint.

In addition, Tracy mentions Adherence Science and OBSMedical.

Here’s another interesting one – Applied Nanodetectors. It has developed a nanosensor array which can be programmed to look for the impending symptoms of an Asthma attack.

This array can be built into a Bluetooth device but allegedly Applied has already licensed the technology to a handset manufacturer.

GoMo News bets that if this sensor can be programmed to detect nitrogen oxides in the breath for asthma suffers, you can bet it can detect alcohol in the breathe of a car driver! Scary.

Oh, and the supplement had a nice piece on using RIM’s BlackBerry as a health professional so you might want to check out or email the company healthcare at RIM dot com.

There’s even a bit which manages to include M2M usage in the healthcare industry and accidentally plugs Gemalto along with German M2M health specialist,

Talking of name checks, we haven’t mentioned our old friend Cath Everett who also wrote several of the pieces here.

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One Response to mHealth features heavily in Sunday supplement

  1. Thanks for the mention and great to see you liked the publication. Readers outside the UK or who didn’t manage to pick up a copy at the weekend might like to read the digital copy of the eHealth Special Report here:

    Couple of things I think worth mentioning:

    1) I’m the author of the 3G Doctor blog:

    2) Your article states that we claim that we were “instrumental in putting the whole publication together” but I’m afraid that’s not the case. 99% of it was the sterling work of Lyonsdown Publishing. As I state on our blog we merely collaborated with them “to help bring a mHealth focus to the Special Report on eHealth that they were producing”. As you can see though it worked out quite well from a mHealth perspective with a really good list of mHealth companies getting profiled.

    3) The Cinterion/Gemalto plug isn’t accidental as Gemalto actually acquired this world leader in the M2M/mHealth space and they’ve been combining their security/connectivity solutions for the mHealth industry for some time now:

    David Doherty

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