Microsoft needs to keep its Eye on Windows 8 tablets like the Visconte

GoMo predicts products from the likes of Prestigio will slaughter desktop PC sales

mulhern views gomo news on the eye

And so to London (and probably England’s) most famous tourist attraction – the London Eye. GoMo News has just attended the launch of a new range of Windows 8 based tablets from Prestigio. One of the models in this Visconte range will sport a socket for a 3G SIM card (offering speeds up to 21 Mbit/s) but at the actual launch that model was not in attendance. But never mind, GoMo conclusively proved that although having a SIM slot is a big bonus, it isn’t exactly a necessity. What is interesting is that tablet ranges such as the Visconte range are going to prove yet another nail in the coffin of the PC in the office environment.

With Microsoft dropping support for Windows XP in April 2014, the desktop PC is virtually dead. The connected tablet will triumph.

Just to prove it is not necessarily vital to have a SIM slot in your tablet, GoMo had brought along a Prestigio Android handset – the 5430, to provide the connectivity.

All we had to do is go into the settings menu – and click ‘More’ under the Wireless and Menus option, to reach ‘Tethering & portable hotspot’. Turn this on and you can share your 3G connexion.

Which is exactly what we did. So even hundreds of feet in the air above London’s South Bank (of the Thames), we could access GoMo News using the Prestigio Visconte tablet.

These products are going to be price competitive (we forgot to ask for exact pricing on the 3G model) but even better is the fact that these models come preloaded with Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013.

GoMo got the chance to play with a Prestigio Visconte tablet and found that they sport an extremely useful addition for established Windows users – a dedicated ‘Windows’ button.

What this means is that the millions of Windows users who are totally familiar with versions before Windows 8 can actually find their way around.

There’s also a hint that there’s a “fully customisable Start and Lock screen” on the Visconte range. Whether this help pre-Windows 8 fans remains to be seen.

Anyway, GoMo News can see many corporates opting to replace their redundant Windows XP PCs with tablets likes these.

Given that such users will come to rely on ‘the cloud’ for storage of vital personal data, we can see more demand for 3G ready versions of such tablets than most industry observers predict.

So, just to prove you can source all your connectivity needs from the same supplier, GoMo took a picture of Prestigio (UK & Ireland)’s Frank Mulhern gamely holding a Visconte tablet, connected live to the GoMo News web site hundreds of feet up in the London Eye.

The tablet was connected to the web via the 5430′s hotspot (courtesy of Orange/EE) and the picture was even taken with the same 5430 which was acting as the hotspot provider. Now that’s truly multi-tasking!

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