Minicab app appeals to London’s lovelorn

Get a free ride to where the singletons live – UPDATED

In order to boost its image as the location based app for booking a minicab in London [UK], Kabbee is attempting to play cupid. It’s done a bit of research and found six hot spots. These are where the highest concentrations of the UK capital’s single people live. Now in order to entice these lonely hearts to book cabs, the service is offering one free cab ride – worth £10, between one hotspot and another. Sadly, the company doesn’t make it very clear here exactly how these three ‘Love Lanes’ work but it certainly did the trick on the curiousity front. We immediately downloaded the app to our BlackBerry Q5. It also works on Android and iOS, too. 

The Top Three places where London’s single women are hiding are: – Islington (60 per cent); Camden (54 per cent); and Hackney (54 per cent).

By contrast, the Top Three places where London’s single men are hiding are: – Whitechapel (60 per cent); the West End (57 per cent); and St James’s (56 per cent).

Now in the company’s blog, there’s a graphic of these three ‘Love Lanes’. Quite frankly, we can’t think that single females living in Hackney haven’t thought to visit London’s West End in search of single men.

However, more promising is single men in Whitechapel visiting Camden.

An enthusiastic Kabbee CEO, Justin Peters, claimed,”We use location-based technology to help licensed minicab drivers get more jobs; help passengers get the best fare whenever and wherever they are; and now we’re uniting London’s singletons at the touch of a button.”

Now the £10 free ride is for new users who register to Kabbee and enter the promo code ‘HONEYLOVE’ when booking a cab between the six Love Lane locations.

The company doesn’t say whether it is any one of the six hot spots to any one of the five others. Nor does it make clear whether this free £10 ride covers the total cost of the ride.*

The offer is only available until 25th May [2014], however.

Never mind because existing members can also receive £10 for introducing new users as part of Kabbee’s Free Cabs Referral programme here.

Of course, GoMo News reckons that any sensible lone male living in Whitechapel – now that this data has got out, will simply wait in his local pub for all of the Islington,Camden and Hackney girls to show up.

Kabbee is basing its predictions on publically available ONS census data which you can find online here.

Download the Kabbee app for Apple; Android; or BlackBerry.

*UPDATED. A Kabbee spokeswoman got in touch to insist that the T&Cs [Terms & Conditions] were clearly stated in the Press release. Here’s the website link.  In fact, Kabbee incentivises its users to earn credit with its Free Cabs programme. The £10 free credit is open to new Kabbee users who top up their account by £10 to qualify and their first booking must have a minimum spend of £10.01. GoMo News also apologises for running a discriminatory graphic only showing heterosexual routes. There’s nothing stopping West End Boys visiting Whitechapel Boys, for example. Or Camden Girls visiting Islington Girls, for that matter.

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