Missing flight MH370 mobile phone records need to be checked

What if the plane did go north instead of south?

Here at GoMo Towers, we always love a conspiracy theory but the plight of the passengers and crew on the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 continues to fascinate us. Today [April 28th 2014], it was announced that the aerial search for wreckage in the Indian Ocean will cease as it has almost certainly sunk. Plus the search area in that ocean has been changed again. What ever happened to the theory that the plane turned north? We think that mobile phone records need to be checked again.

The reason that authorities are currently searching the Indian Ocean can be put down to Inmarsat – the satellite company based in Britain.

When the aircraft disappeared off Malaysian radar it was always stated that the aircraft could have turned either  south or north.

But Inmarsat’s technical gurus calculated that it was far more likely to have gone south.

If it had gone north instead it could have ended up somewhere near the Indian subcontinent.

Shortly after the disappearance a group of Chinese families claimed that their loved ones’ mobile phones were still ringing.

Initially, GoMo News pooh-poohed [discounted] this claim because it was also supposed to have applied to handsets owned by the crew.

“We [GoMo] really find it difficult to believe that members of the crew were so lax as to leave their mobile phones switched on,” this publication said here on March 12th.

A valid argument, until it emerged that the aircraft’s co-pilot, Fariq Abdul Hamid, had indeed tried to make a desperate phone call as the aircraft once again flew over parts of Malaysia.

What we hadn’t spotted until very recently was a report which emerged the very next day [April 13th's] in the UK’s Daily Mirror here saying that Russian sources had claimed that the plane had been hijacked to Afghanistan.

As we all know, Russia isn’t exactly the best loved super-power at present given the Ukrainian situation.

So the report wasn’t given much credence. But after 52 days of searching the oceans, still nothing has been found.

Isn’t it about time those mobile phone records were re-examined?

Cannot the Chinese and Malaysian MNOs [mobile network operators], tell us where exactly all those phones were still ringing four days after the disappearance?

And if the plane really did go north before landing or crashing, which mobile networks did handsets manage to connect to en route?

Today [April 28th 2014], the claims made earlier in the month that either China or the USA is being blackmailed by Afghan terrorists sound even more credible.

After all, the aircraft had around an extremely large Chinese contingent onboard.

Plus 20 of the passengers onboard worked for the US chip company Freescale, which should give terrorists a bit of leverage were they in discussion with the US government.

Of course, it’s almost certainly not in the interest of the Malaysian or Chinese authorities to discount or confirm the suggestion that those phones were still ringong.

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