MNOs can offer Internet of Things over GSM & LTE

So says Machina Research/ Neul white paper

mnos unable to address iOT needs with existing cellular - morrish

Forget the term M2M [Machine-to-Machine communications], we’ve now moved on to the Internet of Things [IoT]. In effect, IoT is about communicating with any device rather than being used for specific applications such as smart metering. Network solutions provider Neul has got together with Machina Research to highlight how Mobile Network Operators [MNOs] can be successful IoT providers. Just as the Internet of Things looks set to become a key topic at this year’s [2014's] MWC Barcelona. The pair argue that MNOs can best deliver IoT solutions over existing GSM or LTE networks. But they’ve got to use Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network technology.

“Short range connectivity technologies may seem like a good choice for the Internet of Things, but they variously suffer from serious difficulties of network authentication, blocking by corporate firewalls, poor battery life, poor reach and unmanaged networks,” observed Jim Morrish, a director with Machina Research.

However, Morrish cautions against simply reusing existing WAN technologies.

He argues that, “Due to high end-point and usage costs, short battery lives and the difficulty in providing ubiquitous network coverage to devices mounted deep indoors or other hard-to-reach locations.

“MNOs are unable to address those needs fully with their existing cellular network standards.”

So what’s the answer? Well, it Neul’s Low Power Wide Area (LPWA), naturally.

Neul can help MNOs by providing a highly integrated chip to enable low-cost modules to communicate with the operator’s existing RAN infrastructure.

The company also provides a scalable, secure, cloud-based service managent tool to deliver the core network switching functions, security and data access APIs.

Machina Research believes that IoT networks have the potential to connect 17 billion devices by 2022.

Along with Neul, Machina Research has produced a white paperĀ  that covers the difficulties that MNOs face in delivering solutions for the Internet of Things with existing GSM or LTE networks.

The free white paper is available for download here.

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