Mobcast’s GoSpoken adds mobile payments via Bango

Rating: Mobcast finds 75% of its customers choose operator billing

The increasing numbers and growing capabilities of mobile phones, plus a surge in tablet sales forecast over the next 12 months have refocused interest on mobile as a means of viewing digitised newspapers, magazines and e-books . Amazon has apparently seen digital books sold to its Kindle tablet out sell printed books in the USA. The trick is enticing those with mobile devices to part with their money for e-books. Which is why Mobcast, the power behind the online digital bookstore,, has turned to Bango for its one-click operator billing solution. As Mobcast’s operations director, Stephen Crawford, explained, “Over 50 per cent of our customers read with their Android phone and they can now buy the same way as everyone else. 75 per cent of our customers choose operator billing through Bango. Shame, therefore that GoMo News is struggling with their beta Android app.If you visit via your mobile phone’s browser, you should immediately get the chance to download the app (in our case the Android version) directly to your phone.

We did so and it creates an app called ‘MyBooks’. Unfortunately this app kept crashing on our Motorola Defy before we could make a purchase but the clue is in the use of the word –’beta’!

Anil Malhotra, a senior vp for marketing with Bango, observes, “Operator billing provides customers with the quickest and easiest way to pay for content and services from their mobile device.”

We see an average of 70 per cent payment conversion through operator billing compared to 40 per cent for credit card”, he added.

“By using Bango to deliver a consistent operator payment experience to all our customers we have seen a marked increase in sales,” Crawford revealed.

“Conversion rates using operator billing are much higher than using other methods, and easier for our consumers.” The Bango charge-to-bill technology even works when the device connects over Wi-fi.

Thanks to Bango – via their mobile phone bill – customers are able to purchase eBooks and audio books from GoSpoken’s extensive catalogue.

They can download them across their mobile phone, PC, tablet or eReader from as little as 50 pence. (Actually some are free).

Naturally, Bango provides Mobcast with detailed payment reports to track its revenues and see conversion rates for all purchases.

Furthermore, Bango provides Mobcast with information about its customers -including country, network, device type and status of billing transactions. This data can enable Mobcast to better optimise its service for customers.

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