Mobile app development platform AppGyver receives $2.5m in ‘Super Angel’ funding

More capital investment for the company that helps  developers create native app demos for iOS and Android

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believers in the app ecosystem - segerstrale

March 27th 2014. AppGyver, a provider of innovative tools for rapid mobile app development, has announced an extended seed super – angel investment of $2.5 million. AppGyver’s take on making mobile app development a fun experience for novice and seasoned developers alike attracted multiple investors, led by Initial Capital and Open Ocean Capital. The new funds will be deployed for sales and marketing, as well as new development efforts and R&D to develop new integration with cloud services.

“We are big believers in the growth of the application ecosystem,” said  Kristian Segerstrale of Initial Capital- investors in Supercell, Swrve, Nexmo and other mobile firsts .

“AppGyver has an impressive track record as a unique technology and service-enabler,  helping more services rapidly create and deploy beautiful, native-feeling apps across multiple devices as their front ends.”

Since AppGyver launched its app-development platform, Steroids, last August [2013], more than 10,000 apps have been built on it.

Steroid users are startups, freelancers and a growing number of Fortune 500 companies–including Accenture, AT&T, BBC, Cisco Systems, Groupon, SAP, IBM, Salesforce, Dell, Deloitte and more.

Thus indicating a trend toward the use of AppGyver to develop more data-driven apps.

“Developers need access to tools that allow one to do mobile apps which  have a native look and feel ,  and where the same code can be run on multiple platforms.”

AppGyver provides this in an easy-to-use way,” added Michael ‘Monty’ Widenius, Open Ocean partner. “Could one ask for more?”

Steroids provides the technology to make HTML5 – based mobile apps, which  are quick and responsive, and that  contain real native – user interface elements, including tabs, animations, navigation, transitions, modal windows and drawers—everything fundamental to a well-designed native app.

With Steroids, developers can build apps that are fully native in behaviour using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Users can also divide application architecture intelligently with multiple HTML pages, getting the best of both worlds.

About AppGyver

AppGyver’s mission is to provide complete toolsets for novice and seasoned mobile developers alike to quickly build, test, preview and deploy fully functioning HTML5 mobile apps that are indistinguishable from native counterparts. The company’s recently released Steroids SDK closes the performance gap between native apps and HTML 5 hybrids by utilizing native UI components, navigation and animations, together with the HTML5-wrapped application. Prototyper, the first product launched by AppGyver, allows those with limited technical knowledge to build full app prototypes that can be tested and demoed without the need for provisioning, third-party installations, or the official app store environment.

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