Mobile commerce setting pace for high street retailers

Tills already ringing to the tune of £45 billion, claims report

Britain’s major retailers are witnessing strong growth in sales fed by mobile commerce with the channel now accounting for every £1 in every £10 spent. That’s the finding of a new report from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR). It says mobile sales, such as purchases made on smartphones and tablets, or where mobiles are used to research products or field discount vouchers, are set to grow 23 per cent next year and already account for £45 billion in sales – equating to 10 per cent of all high street revenue.
The report, released today [25th September 2012], adds that a fifth of purchases also come via the medium where stores use smartphone apps or have websites optimised for mobiles.

Ironically the CEBR report comes just a day after a similar one from the Association of Online Publishers which found that members were increasingly frustrated by the reluctance of ad agencies to adopt mobile media even though 87 per cent of its respondents now get more than a fifth of their traffic via mobile.

Some 200 high street retailers were surveyed for the CEBR report with the bulk upbeat and predicting an even bigger rise in mobile-induced sales next year.

* Shares in British mobile payments firm Bango soared by nearly 8 per cent yesterday as it formally launched a joint venture with Facebook to allow social network users make purchases on smartphones.

Shares in the Aim-listed firm have already risen by 40 per cent since the deal was first announced in February.

According to Bango Chief executive Ray Anderson, 77 per cent of transactions made through its payment mechanism go on to completion, compared with just 40 per cent of purchases made using credit cards or by text message.

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Dave Evans was a long established commentator on both the IT and cellular industries. His last focus was on share price trends within the sector. He passed away in September [2014].
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