Mobile device intelligence provider Mobilethink launches smartphone & tablet picture/video guide service

MNOs can slash up to 30% off device-related customer care costs
Mid-sized MNOs will see support costs cut by > €0.25m each year

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these guides help call centre staff - fredericksen

Mobile device intelligence provider Mobilethink of Denmark has announced a smartphone and tablet picture and video guide service – ‘Device Guides’, with a unique combination of troubleshooting data instantly available to call centres and subscribers alike. This enables mobile network operators (MNOs) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) to substantially slash the cost of customer care. The guides will be marketed to MNOs by Mobilethink, and to MVNOs via Tweakker, a wholly-owned affiliate company of Mobilethink with a specific business focus on serving the MVNO markets.

The guides deliver online smartphone and tablet FAQs and form part of Mobilethink’s mobile eco-system.

This includes an embedded reporting system to identify and manage legal and illegal devices in the mobile, remote device configuration, device population trend analysis and much more.

The guides have been designed specifically for Mobilethink’s worldwide customer base of network operators and are now available to MVNOs enabling all to provide rich, up-to-date device intelligence to call centres; plus a add vital guide data to their websites; and mobile portals.

This helps to simplify the task of in-store agents getting customers up-to-speed with their new smart device in a handful of seconds in order to generate new data revenue streams.

They enable efficient and effective customer self-care over all mobile platforms, ensure that call centres have the most up to date knowledge base possible for all smartphones entering a network, and will maximise the customer experience by facilitating operator services.

At a stroke, a mid-sized MNO with a subscriber base of three million users will be able to use these device guides to deflect calls by 10-15 per cent using rich self-care options and reduce the handling time of customer care calls by 20-25 per cent and thereby achieve annual savings of over €0.25m in operational expenses (OPEX).

The commercial launch of this service to worldwide markets today follows an internal testing process in Q3-Q4, 2013 with selected Mobilethink customers.

The success of this was such that it prompted Jan Tomczyk, director of Digital Channels and Interfaces at Telenor, Denmark to comment, “I was blown away by the search functionality of these device guides.”

“It’s a very innovative and strong feature that makes these guides stand out from any other market solution.”

More information of the features and value of Mobilethink Device Guides is available here.


A typical MNO with 3 million subscribers will receive about 20,000 calls every month for device support.

The average handing time of each call has been established at seven minutes at a cost of €0.5 Euro per minute.

This represents a monthly OPEX of €70,000, or €840,000 each year.

By making Mobilethink’s picture and device guides available to care centres and BYOD customers entering a network, the MVNO will see the number of monthly calls reduce to around 18,000 calls per month.

The average handing time drop 19 per cent to 5.4 minutes, representing a monthly OPEX of €51,000 or €612,000 annually.

But with the mass use of smartphones and tablets nearing 60 per cent in a typical MVNO service, the business rationale for these guides rockets. Smartphone/tablet care can take up to 15 minutes per call for a call centreto resolve representing a minimum monthly OPEX of €81,000 or €972,000 each year.

With Mobilethink’s easy-to-use smartphone/tablet guides, the savings involved with call centres and customers having access to them will again be reduced substantially.

The launch of these guides completes Mobilethink’s eco-system. Already the mobile device intelligence provider-of-choice to over 100 network operators worldwide.

With a combined subscriber base of more than 400 million users, the firm has developed an unprecedented knowledge base of devices thanks to test partnership agreements with more than 120 device manufacturers including Nokia, Huawei, HTC, Motorola, Samsung and Sony.

This enables Mobilethink to test pre-launch devices and deliver intelligence to call centres within two weeks of launch  - four times faster than most competitors.

The intelligence is automatically imported into Mobilethink’s eco-system.

Mobilethink’s guides are also designed to let users add their own guides and manuals to the service, has a simple, fully integrated CMS to combine text, visual and video, and can be extended for use with modems, computers and smart televisions.

“MNOs and MVNOs have to find new ways of slashing the cost of educating users into setting up their smartphones and tablets for use in a network and using revenue-generating data in the shortest timeframe,” says Thomas Yde Frederiksen, Mobilethink’s Chief of Products and Marketing.

“These guides help call centre staff to work faster, smarter, and transform them into multi-platform device specialists.”

About Mobilethink

Mobilethink is a world leading mobile device intelligence provider and has provided mobile operators with its industry leading solutions for more than a decade. The firm has a customer base of over 100 mobile operators using Mobilethink’s solutions to better manage data of over 400 million subscribers in more than 35 countries around the world. Its affiliate company Tweakker is a business connectivity partner of MVNOs and OEMs and provides them with cloud-based and embedded app solutions enabling their mobile customers to access the largest database of phone guides and videos available on today’s market.

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