Mobile helped contribute to Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales

Mobile is growing but it hasn’t taken over quite yet

CoTW - desktop vs mobile traffic in USA

Just like us Brits have started observing Halloween when we ignored it pretty much for hundreds of years, all of a sudden we have ‘Black Friday’ and ‘ Cyber Monday’. Both have become crucial days for retails as they attempt to shift stock on the run up to Xmas. So our old friends have looked into how much mobile devices have influenced both mega-shopping days. The short answer is that – Yes, mobile devices have helped to bolster sales. But that haven’t taken over quite yet. What we do have, however, is some amazing stats from the likes of Amazon which reported sales for 2013′s Black Friday surging by some 43 per cent compared to 2012. It all makes for a pretty interesting CoTW (Chart ofThe Week).

The company found that over the last 2 years, web traffic from mobile and tablet devices in the USA has increased from 14.85 per cent in January 2012 to 28.91 per cent in November 2013.

In the USA, the Thanksgiving holiday is usually the calm before the spending storm.

However, in 2013 retailers were opening their stores early, forcing shoppers onto their mobile devices in order to grab the earlier deals.

According to Branding Brand, smartphone optimised websites saw a 258 per cent increase in sales on Thanksgiving alone.

With an average growth rate of 0.67 per cent per month, mobile web traffic will reach 37.5 per cent of all traffic in the USA by Thanksgiving in 2014.

This has lead to several industry watchers asking the question, “Will your retail website be ready to take advantage of the huge amount of mobile shoppers in 2014?

The best figures for Cyber Monday appear to have been compiled by IBM in a Digital Analytics Benchmark report here.

IBM compared Cyber Monday against Black Friday and found that Cyber Monday online sales were up 31.5 percent over Black Friday in 2013.

According to Branding Brand, however, smartphone optimised websites saw a 258 per cent increase in sales on Thanksgiving 2013.

However, if you look at’s CoTW here you will find that mobile still has a long way to go before it overtakes desktop in terms of web traffic in the USA.

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