Mobile is the main driver of adspend growth says ZenithOptimedia

Mobile will grow @ 49% p.a. vs desktop @ 9% p.a.

According to ZenithOptimedia‘s latest Advertising Expenditure Forecasts mobile advertising  is now the main driver of adspend growth and is growing 5.5 times faster than desktop internet. Zenith defines mobile advertising as all internet ads delivered to smartphones and tablets- whether display, classified or search, and including in-app ads. Meanwhile digital recruitment advertising is also booming, growing over 25 per cent in 2014. Again this is led by soaring smartphone and tablet usage, according to a separate report from the Association of Online Publishers and consulting firm Deloitte.

ZenithOptimedia forecasts mobile advertising will grow by an average of 49 per cent a year between 2013 and 2016.

This will be driven by the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets, and the subsequent explosion of mobile search and media consumption.

By contrast, the company forecasts desktop internet advertising will grow at an average of 9 per cent a year.

It also predicts that mobile will contribute 38 per cent of all the extra adspend between 2013 and 2016, ahead of television (accounting for 31 per cent of new ad expenditure), followed by desktop internet (30 per cent).

Zenith says that programmatic buying allows advertisers to target traditional display ads accurately and efficiently.

Meanwhile online video offers high-quality content that viewers can watch whenever they want and – using smartphones and tablets – wherever they want.

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