Mobiles providing back door for spear phishing says PhishMe

Harder to spot phishing attempts on small screen

Rohyt Belani

employees must be suspicious - belani

According to security training specialist, PhishMe, over 62 per cent of IT security professionals admitted that they believe they are far more likely to fall for a phishing attack if they are targeted via their mobile phone. Part of the reason appears to be that it is harder to spot the tell-tale signs of phishing attacks [when a hacker tries to steal personal information] on a smaller screen. Another reason is that they tend to view emails on mobiles at vulnerable moments at work. PhishMe’s suggested solution would, of course, be better training to avoid sensitive corporate data losses.

PhishMe carried out a survey of 130 IT professionals at the recent Infosecurity Europe 2013.

It showed that 30 per cent of respondents felt early Monday morning and late Friday nights were their worst times for falling foul of phishing scams.

23 per cent felt most vulnerable when they were looking at emails on their mobile phones whilst travelling.

Viewing emails over a mobile device makes it more difficult to view underlying URLs and information about the sender, while shortened URLs in SMS phishing messages are difficult to identify.

“As has been demonstrated in recent months, hackers are gaining access to seemingly highly secure systems by targeting employees through spear-phishing,” Rohyt Belani, CEO at PhishMe.

Such attacks try to trick the recipient into doing something they shouldn’t, by disguising malicious attachments or links within seemingly genuine content.

“It is increasingly important that employees recognise suspicious communications, particularly as more and more mobile devices are connected to the corporate network and have access to confidential data,” Belani added.

Before founding PhishMe, Belani gained a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Bombay University.

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