Mobisoc wants to be the new mobile Java with Mitr

Rating: currently only runs on Java handsets

A new venture called Mobisoc from Indian conglomerate, Spice Televentures, plans to take the Mobile internet by storm a development language called Mitr. The company claims it will eventually run on every mobile phone.

In rather tan ambitious claim, Mobisoc says that Mitr will eventually enable applications to be developed “for varied platforms like Java, Symbian, Apple iPhone, Google Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.”

The company says that Mitr will enable the ‘write once, run anywhere’ paradigm – championed by Sun Microsytems with Java – to be applied to mobile phone application development.

Sadly, in my case Mitr fell at the first hurdle. The beta versions of five example Mitr applications will run only on around 100 Java enabled handsets (including some Blackberries).

Sadly the WAP site – didn’t say which handsets are covered and when I tried downloading it to a regular Nokia Symbian smartphone, the apps’ lack of certification meant they didn’t work.
Mobisoc chairman, Dilip Modi has a grand vision for the mobile world.  “Today more than half the airline tickets are being sold using the internet. We expect that in five years, more tickets would be booked on the mobile than the PC.

Until Mobisoc can offer Mitr based apps that run on high selling smartphones, it’s hard to see the global developer community taking much notice.

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  1. Tony Dennis says:

    Mobisoc’s Manish Malik has responded directly to some of the criticism outlined above. We thought it merited a new story all by itself. Read his responses here

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