MobPartner launches tool for tracking mobile influence in-store

MobRetail helps increase mobile’s influence on in-store sales

provides retailers with real-time roi impact - settini

The MobRetail tracking platform – just launched by MobPartner, a Performance-based mobile advertising platform, aims to enable retailers to accurately measure how mobile influences in-store sales and traffic. The company claims that MobRetail measures from mobile app download to in-store purchase and gives retailers complete ROI attribution to mobile investments. MobRetail communicates with the retail app and mobile device utilising in-store beacon technologies,to report ROI on mobile ad spend.

The company claims that MobRetail addresses the growing demand from retailers to gain a richer understanding of customers’ purchasing behaviour in-store through influenced mobile activity.

“MobRetail overcomes a significant challenge for retailers by bridging the gap that exists between physical stores and mobile, helping to move beyond estimates and into precise attribution,” says Vianney Settini, co-founder of MobPartner.

Settini continues, “MobRetail’s tracking technology monitors a mobile user’s actions and purchases via a BLE beacon in-store and matches this to their home and on-the-go activity.”

“Our platform then analyses the data, providing retailers with real-time ROI impact.”

Retailers can monitor key metrics such as ‘Mobile Store Visit and Purchase’, ‘In-Store Visit and Purchase’ and ‘Total Amount Purchased’.

They can then determine the LTV [Life Time Value] of their mobile users for optimising ad campaigns and finding engagement opportunities.

92 per cent of consumers research before buying in-store, while more than 70 per cent ‘showroom’ on their mobiles whilst in-store, according to MobPartner’s research into m-commerce attitudes.

“Understanding how mobile can help to drive in-store conversions is key to a retail brand’s strategy,” Settini claimed.

“With MobRetail, retailers now have unparalleled, granular levels of insight into the customer journey from mobile to a physical store.”

“This allows retailers to deliver highly targeted and creative loyalty campaigns, which will not just attract traffic in-store but also optimise existing mobile ad spend for user acquisition campaigns,” he added.

MobRetail Tracking is now available to app developers via the installation of an SDK that enables in-store beacon transmitters to communicate with an app.

MobRetail is compatible with iPhone 4S / 5 / 5S / 5C, iPad Mini, iPad
3rd / 4th generation and all Android device running Android 4.3 +.

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