Mogreet suggests goals to amplify mobile marketing in 2014

Leader in multimedia text message marketing urges marketers to be creative, personal and insightful with their mobile marketing activities

Text marketing accessible by 98 per cent of US mobile phone users and yields the highest open rate within mobile marketing

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highest open rate within mobile marketing - citron

January 22nd 2014. Mogreet has released its seven goals for companies looking to amplify their text message marketing efforts in 2014. This advice is based on analysis of trends, examination of best practices for increasing ROI, and Mogreet’s experiences working with major brands such as Vans, Charlotte Russe, Cox Media Group, ABC Television Network, Jack in the Box, and Entravision. “Text messaging is an essential component of any integrated mobile marketing plan,” said James Citron, CMO and co-founder of Mogreet.

Citron continued, “Text marketing is accessible by 98 per cent of US mobile phone users and yields the highest open rate within mobile marketing.”

“And with multimedia text messages [MMS] fast ascending as ‘Text 2.0′, we have identified several ways mobile marketing can be not just ubiquitous, but also highly personal and engaging.”

The seven recommendations are as follows:-

1. Increase the use of MMS, especially video, in marketing campaigns. Plain text messaging, or SMS, will always be useful because it is ubiquitous and shares a 95 per cent open rate with MMS on mobile phones (compared to only 11 per cent with email).

However, many brands are looking to communicate with customers in full colour and without being constrained to 160 characters.

Marketers should create short-format, multimedia content that engages customers and tells the brand’s story.

2. Ensure marketing content can be experienced on every type of mobile device. Even a brilliant video or multimedia marketing message will flop if customers can’t access the content on their phones because of compatibility issues.

Before texting a video to a database, brands should make sure they have a platform that supports multiple devices and that carriers have tested the consumer experience.

3. Stay compliant with new regulations. Companies and consumers alike should understand that text

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