Monitise makes a surprise new appointment

Mobile money appoints 3 new females inc Elizabeth Buse

best placed for mobile money opportunity - buse

Mobile money transfer specialist, Monitise, has surprised its investors by recruiting a former Visa executive in the shape of Elizabeth Buse. She becomes co-CEO to work alongside Monitise co-founder Alastair Lukies. As soon as the news came out, shares in Monetise rose 4.3 per cent. GoMo News can’t understand why this news was such a surprise when Buse was previously a member of the Monitise board from July 2010 to October 2012. Buse was most recently the executive vp of Visa’s global solutions group, a role she took in August 2013.

She will head Monitise’s day-to-day operations and Lukies will focus on relationships with partners, industry stakeholders and shareholders.

Buse commented, “Monitise occupies a unique position in the global mobile money ecosystem as one of the few technology enablers with proven bank-grade solutions across banking, payments and commerce.”

She added, “I’m enormously impressed by the group’s quality of products and services, the technology and, most of all, the people.”

“I cannot see a better-placed business to take advantage of the mobile money opportunity and am delighted to be joining Monitise.”

Significantly, Monitise also appointed two non-executive directors to its board  – Amanda Burton and Paulette Garafalo. Making that three new female execs, then.

Some observers have pointed out that few companies have two CEOs.

Perhaps that is a barbed reference to BlackBerry which famously had two CEOs in the shape of Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie.

Quite frankly, GoMo News sees nothing extraordinary in Buse’s new appointment. Expect great things.

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