More Brits distrust phones than PCs for secure online data

Rating: Recommendations aren’t good news for retailers targeting mobile

The ‘Trust Factor’ in new mobile platforms like smartphones and tablets is low – new research has just established. It seems that virtually 50 per cent of Brits think that mobile devices are less secure than traditional computers. Which won’t help m-commerce, of course. Integralis, the information security specialists commissioned Vanson Bourne to survey 1,000 Brits in Q1 2013. The survey found that whilst the majority who use smartphones for business admit to installing personal apps, less than half regularly update their smartphone’s security settings.

“While UK consumers love going online to do their banking, shopping and social networking, there’s an intrinsic lack of trust in the sites they’re using,” explained Mick Ebsworth, information security consulting practice director with Integralis.

He continued, “Although many banks and retailers are putting in place more robust security and privacy systems to encourage more of us to go online, it’s right to be cautious about where your personal information is and how it’s being used.”

The survey found that half of smartphone users (53 per cent) admit to not regularly update the security settings on their mobile phone.

Interestingly, only around one in ten believe that mobile devices are more secure.

Curiously Brits don’t seem to trust technology when it comes to security. Secure ID tokens; SSL padlocked entry to personal information; data intrusion software; encryption; and even a combination of the above are trusted less than having a strong password.

As a consequence one of the recommendations makes is for smartphone users to entrust as little as possible to online retailers.

The urge consumers that if they do get the option to not store credit/debit card details on the retailers’ sites.

Which is bad news for the mobile sector where storing your details online makes m-commerce far more easy to participate in.

The survey is called ‘Consumer attitudes to online data security’ and was broken down equally between male and female and by age groups.

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