More figures show UK’s High Street isn’t dead

Rating: 1 in 4 UK adults visit stores post Xmas

Despite the dire predictions that the web is killing the UK’s bricks & mortar retail industry, the figures put out by the Centre for Retail Research don’t show that at all.  If anything,  foot shoppers have turned out in bigger numbers this year [2012] in the Post Xmas (Winter)  sales. Over £5.4 billion was spent in first two days  [26- 27th December 2012] of the Winter sales. That compromised of £2.1 billion on 26th [Boxing Day] and £2.8 billion 27th December, yet only £0.47 billion was spent online. There’s even signs that mobile apps are actually helping shoppers to spend more in-store.
Here’s some more interesting stats. This week [24th-28th December 2012] Brits are predicted to spend £10.4 billion – making it 2012′s most lucrative week ever.

By comparison, BRC said 22nd-23rd was £4.5 billion (including online). However, December 27th was definitely bigger than 26th [Boxing Day] in terms of spending.

Still, online sales soared 21.6 per cent on Boxing Day – illustrating the low base figure which online sales are starting from.

On 27th December 2012, the UK saw 13 million shoppers ( one in four of all UK adults) spend £2.4 billion 27th with a further £0.4 billion online.

That makes 2012′s Boxing Day [26th] the biggest day in online retail history 113 million visits. That compares to Xmas Day ‘s 107 million visits and Xmas Eve’s 107 million visits.

Plus 600, 000 shoppers spent £50 million in London’s West End.

It’s a shame that these figures aren’t broken down between the mobile web and the traditional web.

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