Moto fans should install Contextual Services

A good idea for increasing the Motorola’s location detection

The other day a little message popped up on our loan Motorola G indicating that a custom facility for Motorola Android handsets needed an update. It’s called Motorola Contextual services. We read the benefits derived from installing the updated version and they were – “Added support for location detection and improved driving detection using audio.” Sounded intriguing especially since the software is designed to work with the Motorola Assist and Motorola Touchless Control apps. It also shows that Google is still working away at improving the Motorola brand even though it intends to sell the division to Lenovo.

So we downloaded the latest release of Contextual Services from Play and are now running version 5.17.042 which consumes a mere 6MB.

Sadly Motorola doesn’t make it exactly clear which apps and which parts of Android benefit from improved location detection.

But as we wrote here ‘Don’t rely on Google Maps beta when walking‘, anything which improves location detection is a big plus.

Now onto Contextual’s “improved driving detection using audio.”

The chief benefit seems that once installed the handset  ‘listens’ to the ambient noise so that it can detect if the user is in a vehicle and will then  activate drive mode.

Well worth having, we’d say.

Sadly for us, we won’t see the benefits from installing Contextual for Touchless Control.

That’s because the Touchless app only works on the Droid Ultra, Droid Mini, Droid Maxx and the Moto X. Not the Moto G.

Touchless Control is effectively Motorola/Google’s answer to Apple’s Siri. Just say “OK Google now” and the smartphone will listen.

And then hopefully understand what you mean and take an appropriate action.

GoMo News was quite impressed with Touchless Control on the Moto X when we saw it. Can we have it on the Moto G, then please?

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