Moto G gets a break with KitKat

Motorola is rolling out the upgrade to its Android OS

coming to the moto g - kitkat

Regular readers of GoMo News will be aware that we’re pretty big fans of Motorola’s smartphones. And just a head of our scheduled meet with the UK arm of the US based mobile phone maker, we’ve just learnt that the company is already rolling out the promised upgrade to the Moto G’s Android OS from Android Jelly bean (4.1) to KitKat (4.2). When Motorola launched the Moto G in the UK back in November 2013, it committed to delivering KitKat, to devices by early 2014. So January 13th is way ahead of that deadline really.

This latest version of the Android OS brings some cool new features to the Moto G – including printing emails and photos from the phone.

For those who want a much more detailed outline of what’s involved in the upgrade,  we suggest you read Motorola’s release notes here.

For more information on how to install KitKat and  details on deployment for various Motorola devices, check out the company’s software upgrades page.

We can also tell you that Vodafone informed us a couple of days back thatVodafone UK will be ‘ranging’ the new Motorola Moto G running on Android KitKat.

The UK MNO says that it will announce pricing at the launch – which can’t be far off, really.

We’ll almost certainly have more to tell you tomorrow.

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